Services Offered

The following services are offered as an entire package or customized to suit your company's individual needs.  If you have need of something you don't see here, please                with any questions you may have.

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Custom CAD drawings with as much or as little detail as you require to get the job produced and out to your customer.

*Title blocks are fully customizable.

3D Solid Modeling

Components are created as individual solid parts, ready to be added to your cut list or machined on your CNC router.


High quality color renderings to provide a good visual aid for your customer before you begin cutting material.  Great option to increase sales!


CNC Machining Prep

Each component will be sized exactly and complete with all holes, mortises, rabbets, etc. to fit your company's preferred assembly methods.


A list of exact sizes of each component, organized according to your desires.

*Cutlists are customizable to your needs.